My new favorite city on my journey 🙂

Day 49: I met Ky on the bus into the city. Turns out she didn’t have any accommodation booked nor know where to go so I offered to show her to the city center, on the way she figured she’d just follow me to my hostel since she didn’t have place booked. And what do you know they had an opening in my room!

First roommate we met was Linda, a 70 yr old woman from Maryland traveling by herself for the past 2 months. She’d spend about a week in each city but I wasn’t able to ask her more about her life/ travels cause she went to bed super early to get up at 4:30 for her bus.

Ky’s from Melbourne, Australia teaching in England for about a year so was just on a week long holiday between Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. She’s also a budget traveler but so we went to the grocery store together. When I got out of the shower Ky had already started cooking and had made two new friends. Bridget was also from Melbourne like Ky and backpacking for four months and turns out we all went to Deakin university! At different times it turned out but what a small world. Lorna was from England who had saved up enough work holiday days and needed to take them before they expired so was doing Vienna and Budapest. It turned out we had all been in Vienna during the same time and all traveled to Budapest within a couple hours of each other. We all ate and chatted for a while until deciding we should all go to the free walking tour the next morning!

Day 50: We met up in the kitchen and headed off. Bridget had data on her phone so she directed us to the tour meeting point. We stopped half way at the Melbourne Coffee house which had decently good coffee. We were the first ones to show up for the tour and with only 5 minutes before it was suppose to start. Then about 25 other people showed up.

The first thing our tour guide told us was that you pronounce Budapest like Buda-peshht. She was a local and she was great! She tried to teach us some Hungarian which proved quite difficult, they have 30 something letters in their alphabet. She also gave us a little card with her favorite food dishes on it for us to try which was super helpful since we couldn’t pronounce any of them.

Budapest also has a Michael Jackson memorial like Munich, but just under a tree in a local park. I really don’t understand their fascination with him.

Our tour ended on the other side of the river by a Church with an amazingly tiled roof, it was absolutely gorgeous. After taking some pictures there we wandered back to the main side of the river and had our first Langos. They are absolutely delicious, probably thousands of calories but they are SO good. Deep fried dough with toppings kinda like a pizza but not really. Most came with sour cream and cheese, then I added sausage. After our late lunch we walked back to the river to the Parliament which really is a gorgeous building. By this time we were tired so returned to the hostel to rest/ have dinner.

IMG_6004 _DSC0027

After dinner we decided to go for a walk around the city and to get some good night photos. The bridges and Parliament looked SO nice all lit up! Although I forgot my camera doesn’t take good night photos. On our way home I met up with my two couch surfing friends from Vienna! We just had a couple beers and continued to talk about our travels.

Day 51: We all decided to go check out the other side of the city so headed off, it was once again a gorgeous sunny day! We walked around a couple more squares/ plazas, small castle, parks, and checked out the Turkish baths. We also found some cute street vendors and another local places that had amazing Langos, this time I got Garlic butter and cheese, SOOO delicious. Ky had to leave after lunch because she was off to Prague and Bridget wasn’t feeling good so Lorna and I kept wandering through the city. I’m so glad we did because we were able to find the rose shaped gelato! We had wanted to go into the Basilica but it was close due to a meeting inside but like I said we got rose shaped gelato so it was all good.

After that we went to go find the local market which was HUGE. and all the stores are starting to get their Christmas stuff in stalk. Lorna also showed me this really cool box, you think you’re able to easily open it BUT the key is hidden some where in the box so you need to move it around, it’s basically like a giant puzzle. The one thing that’s kinda disappointing about backpacking is I can’t really buy anything, which is good for my budget but these boxes were really cool. Guess that’s just my excuse to go back!

That night our hostel was putting on a free wine tasting, which basically turned out to be them just providing us with a bunch of bottles of wine. Lorna and I went to dinner at the hostel and had some really good Goulash and a burger. During the wine tasting we met a lovely couple from Australia in their late twenties who were basically taking a year long honeymoon.

Day 52: My day was spent very hung over. Lorna and I went and got some good thai food for a late brunch before she had to head off to the airport and to say goodbye. (Her flight ended up getting cancelled and they didn’t want to put her on another one until like 5 days later haha so she had to take a bus back to Vienna, to fly to Brussels and have a something like 7 hour layover then fly home). I wanted to spend the whole day in bed but Lorna had told me about a nice hill to climb during sunset so I headed off and am so glad I went. 1 it greatly helped with my hang over to get some cool fresh air and 2 it was absolutely gorgeous! Pictures don’t do it justice or the sunset (that was at 3:45pm) but I’ll just leave them here.


Day 53: Had to wake up at 4am to pack my pj’s away and make sure I made it to the bus station in time. Which it’s a good thing I did because it turned out my bus wasn’t at the actual station… it was a cross the street. But I found some other travelers in the same situation so we were all able to make it by running frantically across the street 5 minutes before out bus was due to depart at 6am with all our stuff.