I was only in Lima for 3.5 days but wow did it seem like a lot longer.

I didn’t arrive to the city until 11:30pm Tuesday night, caught my Taxi to the hostel and checked in around 1am. However, I wasn’t able to fall asleep until about 3am because it was SO hot and humid!

Wednesday: Everyone in my room was up by 8 because it was STILL SO hot and humid. I headed out to the common room where the wifi worked to check in with friends and family and slowly started meeting others in my hostel.

Max is from LA, hated his job so quite and moved to China to teach english for a year, then backpacked around Thailand for about 6 months, and also just arrived to Lima to start teaching here.
Nick is also from the US, Seattle, and has been completing his Computer Science degree online for a while, use to work in accounting and would travel every couple months but last April decided to move to Chile to teach for a school year, now he’s working his way back to the states to finish his degree.
British girl (never got her name) is studying abroad in Chile for a year.
Virginia Dad (never got his name either) was probably one of my favorite travelers I met, he’d mainly talk to the boys while British Girl and I wrote/blogged but listening was great. He’s pretty traveled, especially around Peru and brought his 14 year old son to school down here to teach him Spanish and spend time with family (mom side even though he looks as white/ European as they can get). He’s taking a gap year after 8th grade and he’ll go back in as a freshman in the fall.

Wednesday seemed like the long day of my life.

Woke up around 8, ate breakfast, hung around the hostel and met people, Max and I went out to find food for Lunch and walked around some, went back to the hostel, went out on my own to check out the beach and walk around Lima, got a sim card and phone charger (I bought Nick’s old hone from Chile), went back to the hostel, then went back out with Max and Nick for dinner, had a delicious sandwhich and tried Chicha, went back to the hostel and we all (including Virginia Dad and British Girl) hung out in the lounge area talking.

Thursday: I was able to sleep WAY better that night than the night before, the weather was finally cooling down, only woke up about 3-5 time instead of what seemed like every half hour the night before. AND slept in ( only 9:30).

I wanted to go to Barranco and try a sandwich shop a friend had recommended  so invited Max and Nick. We headed off to get their hair cut first which turned out to only cost them like $5 USD. With the dollar getting stronger things in Peru are extra cheap. But then Nick headed back to the hostel to work on his online classes so Max and I wandered off to Barranco which is suppose to have a more bohemian feel to it than Miraflores (the area I was staying in).


It was fun getting lost and wandering down the streets, we finally found the stand and took our sandwhiches to the park to eat. Then we walked back to Miraflores along the ocean and stopped for some delicious fruit smoothies. Our adventure took about three hours and even though it was so hot because it was completely over cast out I forgot to put on sunscreen so got a nice sunburn on my forehead, nose and chest.

That night a good friend from back in the states family who is from Peru and were currently in town invited me out with them. It was great to practice my Spanish as well as see some family faces!

Friday: That morning Nick, Max and I headed to Huaca Pucllana, ruins built by Peruvians eons ago, we were too hot and it was too humid though for any of us to pay close attention.

My favorite thing about travel is actually meeting other travelers and hearing their stories. Yes I love trying new foods, meeting locals and seeing how they live, learning about different cultures, but nothing beats that moment when within 5 minutes you just realize you click with someone.

In a daily routine it’s hard to meet new people you just click with, because you see the same people every single day. But when you’re traveling, you’re in a random country, at a random hostel or on a city tour when there are hundreds of different countries you could be in, dozens of different hostels you could be staying in, or a handful of different tours you could be on BUT you meet someone and you just click. At least I felt like we did.



Isabella was also from the states and traveling on her own and the conversation just flowed. We went out for lunch and got some delicious Ceviche then walked along the beach. That night my friends family invited me out for a Traditional Peruvian dance show and since Isabella and I were already on our way out the door to head to dinner they said it was fine if she came along. It was a blast! I absolutely adore the family and the show was amazing as well. There would be a performance and then the singer would sing a basic merengue song so everyone was welcome up to join and dance so of course majority of our group would go (at least 10 of us at a time ha). All of the other tourists were from Latin Americana countries so the dance floor was always full of people dancing.

Saturday: I slept in and bummed around the hostel before heading to the airport. I also finally looked at my visa and instead of giving me 3 months like I ask (and what is usually given) she gave me 20 days….. So looks like I’ll be taking a trip to Chile in a week or two!