Time has been racing by! I can’t believe my time here in Arequipa is already half way done. I definitely haven’t done as much as I’d hoped to have done by this point but I have two more months and just confirmed with my boss I’ll be coming back in October :O
So I’m only half way done this time around.

I’ve gotten pretty bad at blogging but hey I’ve been living and working. A quick summary of the past two months adventures.

I’ve had the most delicious Ceviche. 

I’ve seen a traditional Peruvian Dance Show.
IMG_0245 IMG_0240

I lived with a wonderful host family and greatly improved my Spanish. 

I’ve taken a quick weekend trip to Chile.

I’ve explored more markets then I can count.

I’ve tried Guinea Pig :O 

I graduated from my TEFL class!

I moved into my new apartment!

I’ve take a day trip to Mollendo beach, about a 2.5 hour bus ride away.
IMG_0792  IMG_0840

I’ve explored more tiny Plaza’s then I can remember.

I’ve been to a BBQ at a local Peruvian’s place and had delicious food and practiced more Spanish 🙂
IMG_0746 IMG_0967

I’ve been to Sabandia, 25 minute taxi ride away and planning on returning later this month to go horse back riding. 
IMG_0915 IMG_0912
IMG_0904 IMG_0885

I’ve finished my first month of TEFL teaching!

And I’ve seen more gorgeous sunsets than I can remember.