I didn’t advertise this because I resolved the issue in about 3 hours while everyone back in the states were sleeping BUT I lost my passport somewhere along the way from getting on the but in Munich to my place in Vienna. I honestly think it fell out of my bag while on the bus because nothing out of my bag was missing doubt someone would just steal that and not my wallet. I didn’t realize this however until the next morning. Luckily I was in a city visiting a friend who had a local phone so I was able to contact the consulate and 3 hours later and $130 less I had my emergency passport.

Day 45:. De Jan was also a participant in the Hansen Summer Institute, originally from Bosnia but studying in Vienna. De Jan met me up from the bus station after chasing down some guy who had stolen money from Refugees who needed tickets but didn’t want to be registered so asked the stranger to buy them tickets. After he talked tot he police we took the metro into the city. We stopped at a cafe for a beer and fries when suddenly an ambulance pulled up. Someone inside the cafe was excessively drunk ha. I love how the cafes have blankets for the out door seating. After that on the walk to his dorm we saw a bunch of fire trucks that looked like they had put out a fire, there was water every where but none of the surrounding building looked damaged. We also passed several police cars on the street. He was so surprised because he had been telling me how Vienna was super safe but we encountered every form of Emergency services in about an hour of my arrival. I’d be staying at De Jan’s dorm room while he stayed at his gf’s apartment which wasn’t big enough to fit 3. The dorms however were male only so I kept getting strange looks haha.

Day 46:  De Jan came and picked me up to show me around the city and that’s when I realized I didn’t have my passport. After calling the consulate and them calling back with an appointment time we went to lunch on top of this gorgeous building and had a fabulous view of the city.


We went and got my passport which went my surprisingly quickly, then we walked through the city some more on the way to see his university. That night De Jan was going to Taekwondo class so I found a group meet up on couchsurfers.com. I’ve never actually couch surfed before but I’ve met people via the forum before. The meet up was at a hostel bar on the other side of town. When I entered I saw the main group of people sitting in the common room but headed to the bar to grab a drink first. I ordered a drink and asked the first person I saw if they were there for couch surfers. And they were! Two other Americans from the east coast backpacking for 3 months and usually couch surfed. We spent the entire evening at the bar talking about travels and them giving me advice on couch surfing. Maybe I’ll actually try it in the future.

Day 47:  De jan got held up running errands for the day so I was off to explore the city on my own. I had gotten some new books from Rowan in Munich so grabbed one and headed off to find a park since it was still sunny out. I went back to my place to grab lunch then headed off to Schönbrunn Palace, it was MASSIVE! It was still sunny and the Autumn leaves covered the ground. There were certain trails that were completely covered and you had to shuffle your feet through 3-4 inches of leaves, it was great. I spent my entire afternoon there.

_DSC1066 _DSC1135 _DSC1072

Day 48:  Sunday we went for a walk/ hike on some hill right next to Vienna (yeah they called it a hill haha) had lunch and wine on the hill at a gorgeous little cafe/ vineyard! De Jan and his girl friend made sure I tried plenty of local Austrian dishes.

_DSC1161 _DSC1184

After our hike we headed to the Prater which is basically an amusement park, it was so much fun! We only went on one ride but I enjoyed walking around. The one ride we did go on was super fun and right as we got to the top we had an amazing view of the sunset over the ferris wheel, then the ride started ha.

IMG_5978 IMG_6079

Day 49: My bus wasn’t until noon so I was able to sleep in a bit before heading out. De Jan came to say bye and I was off!