Day 35: I added my new leather making friend I had met on the bus on Whatsapp in the hopes I’d be able to go to her show. She was going to try and see if she could get me a free pass to enter! We parted ways and I was off on one of my longest walks to my hostel. When I arrived I was so tired, it was quicker for me to walk than take public transportation from the bus station even thought it was 45 minutes away. I had a delicious dinner of traditional Czech Beef Goulash, the meat just fell apart in my mouth it was SO good! However, I crave coke now, like all the time. I’m going to have to start restrict myself from now on cause if I don’t feel like drinking beer I get a coke and I could DOWN a bottle so fast it’s SO good.

_DSC0156 IMG_5657
Day 36: It was cold but not raining. I got to my free walking tour and a guide from Georgia recommended a local backers for breakfast, finally some cheap local food! Once again I didn’t know what anything was so just pointed to a couple pastries that looked good, the three equalled out to less than 1 U.S. dollar.
People were quiet on the tour, I spotted a few other solo travelers but none seems too out going. Eventually I approach another girl and asked if she was traveling alone, she replied ‘Yup, are you also a lone wolf?’ I immediately thought of Mamma Mia. She’s only 18, just graduated high school in Australia and is doing a solo 3 month backpacking trip. She said her family travels a lot but even so I couldn’t imagine doing this at 18 right out of high school.
At the halfway point two other solo travelers decided to join us, a girl from Taiwan who’s English wasn’t that good and a guy from Canada. The Canadian joined us on the second half of the tour, he was also doing a post grad 3 month backpacking trip.
After the tour we all went to a late lunch and had more goulash. And some very bad beer to be honest. Was too bitter for me. I realized that all the restaurants bring you your silver wear and napkin on one plate for everyone. After lunch I stopped to try a Trdelnik. It’s a hollow, spiral pastry that is rolled in cinnamon and you can add either nuts, carmel or chocolate on the inside. I of course got chocolate.

Afterwards I headed back to my hostel due to an upset stomach. I went out again later that night before dinner to try and get some good shots of Charlie’s bridge but it was raining and I forgot my camera doesn’t take good night pictures.

Day 37: I headed out that morning half in search of the John Lennon wall half to just wander around my side of the river. It took a while to find the wall because certain roads were closed due to some important person from Belgium being in town. The wall/my hostel is near the Prague Castle but also all the embassy’s. The John Lennon was was gorgeous, hundred of people write new quotes on it each day, all about hope, happiness, and peace.

_DSC0189 _DSC0185 _DSC0259

In my wandering a I found a little bookstore, used English books! I had half been looking for a book store for a while but finding used English books (usually they are new) can sometimes be difficult. I met up with Canadian for lunch and talked about our travels some more. Then we walked up to the castle where we parted ways again, I went inside and he went up to Strahov Monastery. That would be my stop the next day. The castle was MASSIVE. The cathedral inside was free to enter but just about everything else has been turned into a museum of sorts and cost to go into. None of the museums sparked my attention as super interesting so I just wandered around for a good two hours. I Skyped more family and friends and enjoyed some delicious pasta for dinner with a couple people in my hostel.

_DSC0485 View from the Castle
Day 38: I got a late start but ended up spending my whole day up at the Strahov Monastery and wandering around the Petrin Hill. It was finally sunny out and with the Autumn leaves it was absolutely GORGEOUS. There’s really not much else to say, the pictures can’t do proper justice to how beautiful that day was. I spent the whole day up there.

_DSC0307 _DSC0413 _DSC0283 IMG_5681

On my way back to the hostel for dinner I stopped by the John Lennon wall again. This time there was a street performer playing Beatle songs and it made the wall that more magical.

IMG_5684 _DSC0193 _DSC0427 _DSC0257
Day 39: My bus wasn’t until later in the evening so I took the morning to go back to the Petrin Hill. I never was able to meet up with my leather making friend, the show didn’t start until the day before I left and she didn’t message me until mid day while I was out to come visit. After walking around Petrin Hill I stopped at a cafe near my hostel. The hot chocolate only looks goods, it was really bad. That’s about the only disappointing thing about Prague is they don’t know how to make Hot Chocolate. However, the Apple strudel I had after that was absolutely delicious!

IMG_5699 IMG_5700